About the app

The app is a chrome extension you can grab on the Chrome webstore.

Once installed, make sure the Stynch button is directly visible, aka pinned, on your Chrome browser toolbar:

Visit a LinkedIn profile page, and then click on the Stynch button to enjoy the stats.

Do i need to have a LinkedIn account ?

Yes, in order to see the profiles and to be fair with LinkedIn.

Yes, when you'll buy credit, you will have to confirm that you have a LinkedIn account.

How much profiles can i analyze ?

5 free analysis by month, sliding, plus the ones you bought.

WARNING : Even without Stynch, NEVER visit more than 10 profiles by hour, and 50 by day, LinkedIn does not like that and will tell it to you quickly and roughly.

Install the app

Ready ? Let's go to the chrome web store and start to install

Get app on chrome Webstore